Rule #3 – You Always Win

The Instinctive Obedience® three golden rules are simple. Rule #3 – You always win.

Some folks think this is the easiest. However, the simplicity is deceptive. As a result of owning everything, and because you are always right – you always win. This means that when you tell a dog to sit and it does not do so, you must make the dog sit.

This can be done gently and easily with Instinctive Obedience® Training. We have to set boundaries by owning everything and by always being right. We must continually reinforce these boundaries by making these boundaries mean something. Dogs and humans both are quite receptive to positive reinforcement and praise of good behaviors; they are also quite receptive to the concept of displeasure, which can be expressed safely and in a healthy manner using Instinctive Obedience® training methods.

When properly employing our Instinctive Obedience® training methods both owners and dogs will gain a greater understanding of each other.