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NIODTA® on Crates and Crate Training:

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Some dogs live a much happier life when they have a secure, safe place in which to retreat from the world. This world is a hugely stimulating place. There is nothing wrong with a dog seeking a safe place in a world of rambunctious children, loud music, other stimuli which might make them fearful. We praise a dog for making this choice, this decision to go to it’s safe place, hunker down, and wait til the commotion is over. That’s a far better decision than shivering, shaking, barking, fearful peeing, or worse yet- lasing out through biting.

Dogs are a primal animal. Primal dog relishes having a den of sorts in which to escape elements and fearful stimulus. Our homes are their dens, though they don’t own our homes. Graciously we can allow a dog its own safe space within our home and make sure that dog knows we will protect it there. We will keep it safe. A dog can easily be trained to Instinctively & Obediently crate itself when fearful or overwhelming stimuli presents.

Some dogs do not need a crate for any reason at home. They live life carefree and have no need for that safe space, their own crate. However, it behooves us to train any and all dogs how to properly act entering, exiting, and while being crated. Veterinary visits usually require a crate of some sort, within the veterinary practice itself if nothing else. We are doing our veterinarian a favor by teaching our dogs how to act properly with crates.

Dogs that live life better with a crate and dogs that have no need- this is NOT breed specific necessarily. This is determined by each individual dog. Each dog IS a unique individual. Each owner is also unique. Therefore, so is their relationship.

There should be NO judgement regarding the crating of dogs. Crates work better for some people and some dogs. Crates are a necessary part of life when one is a dog owner. A responsible dog owner knows this and takes steps to train their dog how to have crate manners regardless of whether one is used in everyday life or not.

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