Leaders initiate; followers react.  That’s what Instinctive Obedience® is all about.

With our dogs we want to initiate everything.  When we initiate everything, it shows our dog that we are in charge and in control.  In a dog’s mind, when we are in charge everything is then safe, and they have nothing to worry about.  They, as our pack followers are to react to us and to what we do.  Because they want to remain part of our family pack, they instinctively want to be good followers. 

Every dog responds to positive reinforcement and praise, just as instinctively as they respond to “no”.  Dogs WANT to please us, their pack and pack leader.  A good leader shows them just how to do that.

Leadership starts at the top.

From a very early age, Donnie Hult Jr. worked with and around some of the finest canines to serve our nation.

Marrying Jessica, the two began an adventure along the North Carolina coastal plain with the creation of Hadnot Creek Kennels.

For many years they taught dog handlers from all over the world, and imbued the industry with the knowledge they gained over their careers. Instinctive Obedience® was not only a foundation of their livelihood, but also their lives.

Every dog they boarded or actively trained benefitted from their unique knowledge and experience. With Donnie’s recent passing, Jessica and Hailey continue to provide the best service they can so that the dogs of tomorrow are disciplined and ready to meet their challenges.

Many of the dogs they trained are destined for law enforcement and the military, but they also specialize in difficult family dog cases, where a superior touch is required to get the dog(s) to obey their owners and fit in to the household.

Simple. Effective. Instinctive. Real life.